Red Eléctrica and the UME carried out an emergency drill in the Escombreras Valley (Murcia)

The exercises of the drill consisted in the coordination of communications and actions to remove damaged cables, strengthen towers and protect people after an earthquake.

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Red Eléctrica de España has actively participated in an emergency drill carried out by the Military Emergency Unit (UME) in the region of Murcia.

The exercises of the drill were carried out throughout this week and consisted in the simulation of an earthquake that would have caused structural damage in several towers adjacent to the CT-34 motorway accessing the Escombreras Valley, resulting in the subsequent fall of 400 kilovolts cables on the road and causing a risk of incidence in the electricity supply and a danger for people, as they blocked part of this motorway, in addition to the impact on road traffic.

Thanks to the collaboration of the UME and the coordination with the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, the body responsible for managing the road, the area was accessed for signalling and the removal of cables and beams from the motorway, securing the affected towers to prevent the entire electricity line from going down.

Also, at the time of the simulated earthquake, maintenance personnel of Red Eléctrica, which was working on a tower of one of the high-voltage electricity lines that runs across the Sierra Gorda range, next to the Escombreras Valley, was hanging from the tower structure, held by the protection equipment. With the help of the UME, the height rescue of Red Eléctrica’s personnel was successfully carried out.

UME and Red Eléctrica collaboration

Last February, Red Eléctrica de España and the UME renewed their collaboration to implement the necessary actions to guarantee the electricity supply in those cases where it may be affected by a natural disaster or due to unlawful interference.

As part of this agreement, which will have a duration of four years, Red Eléctrica will provide the UME with the necessary means to carry out joint drill exercises and to facilitate the necessary communication systems.

Red Eléctrica will also transfer two high-voltage electrical towers to be installed at the Jaime I military base in Bétera (Valencia) to carry out drill exercises.