Red Eléctrica and the Generalitat Valenciana join forces to preserve biodiversity

The company and the Generalitat collaborate on projects to protect the Bonelli’s Eagle and reintroduce the Bearded Vulture.

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Red Eléctrica de España has renewed its commitment with the Generalitat Valenciana to research the protection of the Bonelli’s Eagle for another three years, and has begun participating in the project to reintroduce the Bearded Vulture in the Tenencia de Benifasar natural park, in Castellón.

The project to reintroduce the Bearded Vulture, which also includes the funding of a bird observatory, was recently presented in Rossell by the Generalitat’s Minister of Agriculture, Environment, Climate Change, and Rural Development, Elena Cebrián, and Red Eléctrica’s manager in the region, Maite Vela.

With respect to the research project to protect the Bonelli’s Eagle that began in 2015, the initial findings have provided insight into the movements of the species’ nesters in the Special Protection Areas for Birds (ZEPAs) of the Sierra de Espadán in Castellón, and the Sierra Calderona in Valencia, as well as their feeding areas.

Red Eléctrica has invested 90,000 euros to add bird-flight diverters to a total of 30 kilometres of power lines identified in the areas with the highest risk of collision in the Castellon region of Plana Baixa.

Both initiatives correspond to the company’s recently approved 2030 Sustainability Commitment and contribute to the promotion of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and, specifically, the achievement of Goal 15 to protect life on land, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation, and halt biodiversity loss.