Participation in the ‘Reindustrialisation of Euskadi’ conference held in Bilbao

The Manager of the Regulation Area of Red Eléctrica, Luis Villafruela, highlights the strategic role of electricity interconnections in regard to competitiveness, security of supply and sustainability of the energy model.

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On Wednesday, the Manager of the Regulation Area of Red Eléctrica de España, Luis Villafruela, took part in the conference "Competitive energy prices for the reindustrialisation of Euskadi", in which he emphasised the relevance of electricity interconnections between Spain and France. In this regard, he explained that increased interconnection capacity allows greater penetration of renewable energy and the reduction of prices, thus lowering the energy costs of companies. In addition, Mr. Villafruela highlighted two other pillars of the interconnections: their contribution to the security of electricity supply and the consolidation of a sustainable and efficient energy model.

During his presentation, the Manager of Regulation referred to the European targets for renewable energy, as well as the commitment of the European Union for the electricity interconnections. Mr. Villafruela stated that the creation of a single energy market to improve competitiveness between markets forms part of the European agenda. In reference to these aspects, he mentioned that at the Barcelona European Council in 2002 it had already been agreed that Member States should strive to achieve at least a 10% interconnection ratio of its installed power capacity, a target which is already being worked on, due to the fact that Spain currently has a ratio of 2.8% interconnection capacity with Central European electricity systems.

In this regard, Mr. Villafruela mentioned the three electricity interconnection projects declared by the European Union as Projects of Common Interest (PCIs) and went into greater detail regarding the new interconnection with France via the Bay of Biscay; a project that will commence its public information process as of September.

The "Competitive energy prices for the reindustrialisation of Euskadi" conference organised by Unidad Editorial in Bilbao, has focused on the analysis of the effects of energy costs for the industry and the economy of the Basque Country.