Paris Climate Summit: challenges and achievements

Red Eléctrica de España has sponsored the conference "Paris Climate Summit: challenges and achievements", organised by the Association of Environmental Information Journalists.

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The International Press Centre in Madrid has this morning hosted the conference "Paris Climate Summit: achievements and challenges", organised by the Association of Environmental Information Journalists (APIA) and sponsored by Red Eléctrica de España. In it, specialist journalists have shared their experiences from the Paris Summit and several experts have analysed the outcome of the same. Red Eléctrica’s Communications Director, Antonio Prada, shared the inaugural table with the president of APIA, Clara Navío.

Antonio Prada has highlighted the important role that environmental information journalists will have in the coming years, as they will be the ones that provide evidence to the public that the resolutions adopted at the Paris Summit are actually being fulfilled. According to Prada, "this challenge will require an increasingly greater level of preparation and detail regarding the topics, as they represent vital issues for the survival of the planet itself." Red Eléctrica’s Communications Director spoke of the commitment to be undertaken not only by the signatories of the Paris agreements, but also by companies around the world, which must incorporate into their strategies specific plans to tackle global warming. In this regard, he drew attention to the Climate Change Action Plan that the Company approved last May, which includes over one hundred measures and counted on the participation of twenty areas of the Company.

Within the framework of the Climate Change Strategy published on its website, Red Eléctrica’s Climate Change Action Plan, sets out goals and targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and carries out a formal analysis through specific actions. This plan was discussed in detail during the conference by the head of the Environment Department, Roberto Arranz, who underlined the strategic commitment of Red Eléctrica to sustainable development.