The Official Association of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia analyses the electricity interconnection with France

Red Eléctrica presents in a conference in Barcelona the results of the first eight months of operation of the interconnection.

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The Official Association of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia (EIC) organised a conference last Wednesday to present data about the first year of operation of the Spain-France interconnection. The event included the participation of Juan Bola, Manager of Red Eléctrica’s Electricity Control Centre (CECOEL); Rosalía Rivas, Manager of the Electrical Reliability Department and Luís Pinós, Red Eléctrica’s Regional Delegate in Catalonia.

Luís Pinós highlighted the benefits of the interconnection with regards to the safety of the electricity system, security of supply and the integration of the electricity markets, and explained in detail all the technical characteristics of the high-voltage line between Santa Llogaia (Gerona, Spain) and Baixas (Roussillon, France), stating that "this is an exceptional project that required an extraordinary solution".

According to Rosalía Rivas, "the interconnection with France has made it possible to combine the advantages of direct current with the ease of operation of alternating current. We have managed to reach a level of operation of the interconnection that is very close to that of an alternating current system".

For his part, Juan Bola added, "thanks to the interconnection, exchange capacity with France has doubled; both as an exporter and as an importer. We have managed to reach a situation where prices of the two systems are beginning to become more aligned".

The engineers attending the event praised the results of the project stating that "Red Eléctrica has overcome the challenge posed by this project, unique in the world, with flying colours."