The Local Council of Castellote, in Teruel, restores the town’s antique watering trough with the collaboration of Red Eléctrica

The 22,000 euros contributed by the Company has enabled the restoration of the antique watering trough and the recovery of an emblematic area of the town.

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The Mayor of Castellote and the President of the provincial government of Teruel, Ramón Millán, and Red Eléctrica’s delegate in Aragón, José Ignacio Lallana, today visited the new leisure space created through the renovation of the town’s antique watering trough.

The 22,000 euros funding has enabled a relevant part of the town’s patrimony to be maintained and has given way to create a leisure space that will help facilitate increased tourism. The works involved the construction of a series of wells that were complemented with planters, benches and a shaded area.

The Mayor of Castellote, Ramón Millán, expressed his thanks to Red Eléctrica for its support which has allowed this space to be more attractive while maintaining its original essence. For his part, José Ignacio Lallana valued the collaboration with the Local Council and the commitment of Red Eléctrica to the socioeconomic development of those areas or municipalities in which it constructs transmission infrastructure that contribute to a safe and quality electricity supply and supports projects aimed at social development, tourism and environmental protection.

Red Eléctrica has earmarked 222,000 euros to the development of social, cultural and environmental initiatives in 14 municipalities in the province of Teruel through which the Mezquita-Morella and Mudéjar-Morella axes run. Specifically, the Company has promoted Corporate Social Responsibility projects in Castellote, Andorra, Alcañiz, Alcorisa, Jarque de la Val, Aliaga, La Zoma, Ejulve, Molinos, Seno, La Ginebrosa, Mas de las Matas, Aguaviva and Las Parras de Castellote.


An infrastructure necessary for strengthening the transmission grid

The 400 kilovolt Mezquita-Morella and Mudéjar-Morella electricity lines, set out in the planning approved by the Ministry of Industry, contribute to strengthening the meshing of the transmission grid, improve the safety and quality of the electricity supply in the province of Teruel and increase the evacuation capacity of generation coming from ordinary regime and from renewable sources. Its construction has represented an investment of 99.3 million euros in the province of Teruel and is expected to be completed in the final quarter of this year.