Jose Folgado takes part in a conference on the future of renewable energy

The Chairman of Red Eléctrica highlights the role of the Company as transmission agent and operator of the electricity system in the new global energy model.

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The Chairman of Red Eléctrica of España, José Folgado, participated in the conference "Keys to the future of renewable energy", organized by the Association of Economists of Cantabria.

The aim of the conference was to reflect on the economic impact of renewable energy in the Spanish productive system and of wind energy in Cantabria, as well as how to approach the future of these energies within the framework of a sustainable energy model.

The presentation of José Folgado "The virtuous cycle of electrification" focused on the role that Red Eléctrica, as transmission agent and system operator, will need to play in the new global energy model; a model which, according to how it’s being positioned by the European Parliament, aims at obtaining 100% of the energy from renewable sources as of 2050.

To this end, according to the Chairman of Red Eléctrica, the European policy for the union of energy project, built on security of supply, economic competitiveness and environmental sustainability, must act on three fronts: savings and energy efficiency, sustainable mobility and renewable electricity generation.

Though the problem of intermittency of most renewable energies is yet to be resolved, José Folgado said that closing the virtuous circle of sustainable electrification is, at this moment, linked to international electricity interconnections and energy storage, which today is limited to pumped-storage hydroelectric power stations.


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