The Firgas Mountain on the Canary Islands will be the next ‘Red Eléctrica Forest’

The Island Council of Gran Canaria and Red Eléctrica have signed an agreement for the reforestation of part of the protected natural area of the Parque Rural de Doramas.

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The Regional Minister of Environment, Emergencies and Citizen Participation of the Island Council of Gran Canaria, Juan Manuel Brito Díaz, and the Regional Delegate for Red Eléctrica de España in the Canary Islands, Ainara Irigoyen, have today signed a collaboration agreement for the reforestation and environmental restoration in the municipality of Firgas.

Thanks to this agreement, 16.9 hectares of native laurel forest will be reforested on the Firgas Mountain within the protected natural area of the Parque Rural de Doramas, in order to restore the adequate densities of trees within this natural area, improve its state and help combat desertification and aridity of the soil. Additionally, it will contribute to the conservation of biodiversity of the island of Gran Canaria, favouring the conditions for the adequate reintroduction of the Laurel pigeon.

For the execution of the reforestation project and to carry out a complementary dissemination programme, Red Eléctrica will contribute 70,000 euros. The Regional Ministry of Environment, Emergencies and Citizen Participation of the Island Council of Gran Canaria will be responsible for the implementation and management of the project, the inspection and supervision of works, as well as the monitoring of the evolution of vegetation cover. It will also process the permits and authorisations necessary for the entity awarded the execution of the works once the project has been presented, including the dissemination activities.

Red Eléctrica Forest is an initiative that started in 2009 and is aimed at biodiversity conservation and the fight against climate change, contributing to the promotion of natural heritage and the commitment to society by increasing the natural capital the territories in which the Company’s facilities are located. The initiative is of an ongoing nature and seeks to create one ‘forest’ each year on publicly owned land in different areas of the Spanish territory, with the collaboration of entities and public bodies.

The restoration project of the Firgas Mountain will be the twelfth ‘Red Eléctrica Forest’ after those already completed in Badajoz, Teruel, Cadiz, Murcia, Valencia, Basque Country, Albacete, Mallorca, Zamora and La Coruna, with an investment totalling 1. 44 million euros up to 2015.

With this initiative, Red Eléctrica has brought significant benefits to the environment with the reforestation of 665 hectares through the planting of more than 473,000 different species of trees and shrubs, which will allow around 134,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions to be offset throughout the entire life-cycle of these reforestation projects.