The exhibition ‘A highway behind the wall socket’ is inaugurated in Palma de Majorca

The exhibition, produced by Red Eléctrica, aims to teach society more about how the Spanish electricity system works and raise awareness among citizens on the efficient use of energy.

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The Mayor of Palma de Majorca, José Hila, and the Chairman of Red Eléctrica de España, José Folgado, accompanied by the Regional Minister of Territory, Energy and Mobility of the Balearic Islands’ Government, Marc Pons, yesterday inaugurated the exhibition ‘A highway behind the wall socket. Electricity from the power station to your home’, which is now on exhibit in the Casal Solleric of Palma de Majorca.

The exhibition ‘A highway behind the wall socket’ was designed and created with the aim of explaining, in a highly didactic way and via an interactive journey, how the Spanish electricity system works and also seeks to raise awareness among citizens on the efficient and responsible use of energy.

The exhibition is comprised of three areas and by means of which visitors learn more about the properties of electricity as a physical phenomenon, the electricity supply process and the role of the electricity transmission grid, and the effect that household electricity consumption habits have on the system as a whole. This last area offers some ideas for the efficient and responsible use of electricity.

In addition to the interactive spaces, there is a classroom for teaching various workshops and a projection room for audio-visuals devoted to scheduled visits geared towards professors and teachers, and students from different school educational levels; from 5th grade to university and vocational training.

After having travelled seven different cities in Spain, the exhibition now arrives in the city of Palma de Majorca and can be visited until next February.