Disability and talent

The integration of persons with disabilities is an essential objective of Red Eléctrica.

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In 2014, with the support of experts from the Adecco Foundation, Red Eléctrica defined a Disability Management Model as part of the Company’s healthy workplace model

The implementation of this model, in January 2015, has allowed Red Eléctrica to launch a Global Plan for the integration of persons with disabilities, and the monitoring thereof will allow us to set ourselves goals that are more and more challenging.

To ensure the implementation of the model, validate the proposals of the action plan and promote disability awareness and the commitment to the model, a Disability Management Coordinating Group has been set up, composed of Company directors and, in parallel, a Disability Management Task Force has also been established, composed of heads of departments of the areas concerned.

Red Eléctrica's commitment to persons with disabilities is implemented by means of the collaboration with the Adecco Foundation. This year, disability awareness days have been organised. In May, we received the visit of the Paralympic athlete and voiceover actress, Raquel Domínguez, who gave a talk about integration based on her personal experience. This week, we received a visit from Pablo Pineda, the first European university graduate with Down syndrome, who has spent his life breaking down the barriers on his way to becoming a benchmark for the whole of society, as there is an ever-increasing demanded for him to participate in forums and lectures at national and international levels.

These informative seminars help eliminate social perceptions about disability, understand diversity and bring us closer to it, in order to integrate values into our corporate culture which are very close to our Company such as equality, standardisation and non-discrimination.