Commitment to adult education

Red Eléctrica and Radio ECCA sign a collaboration agreement for the promotion of educational and socio-cultural activities

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The Delegate for Red Eléctrica de España (REE) in the Canary Islands, Ainara Irigoyen, and the Director of Radio ECCA, Lucas López, have signed a collaboration agreement for the dissemination of education and culture through educational and socio-cultural activities that Radio ECCA will carry out.

The signed framework agreement sets out that Radio ECCA and Red Eléctrica will plan joint action programmes, especially those related to education and training and the dissemination of culture, with the aim of contributing to the scientific and cultural development and progress of the Canary Islands.

During the signing of the agreement, Ainara Irigoyen and Lucas López expressed their satisfaction regarding the goal of this alliance: to train those in need. They indicated that it is the people who do not even have minimal formal qualifications who are the target of both institutions.

The main objectives and actions of Radio ECCA are the following: the cultural promotion and increase in the level of training of the adults of the Canary Islands; the transmission of culture to the main age groups of the population on the Canary Islands always putting first the interests of those in need; the full development of human personality regarding the respect for democratic principles of cohabitation and on the fundamental rights and freedoms; the creation, development, transmission of science, technology and culture, and the scientific and technical support to the cultural, social, technological and economic development, both nationwide and, in particular, in the autonomous region of the Canary Islands.

Coinciding with the signing of the collaboration framework agreement, Red Eléctrica has donated twenty computers in accordance with its corporate responsibility policy, which will allow Radio ECCA to adapt and streamline its educational offerings.