Collaboration with the University of Zaragoza in training and research activities

Red Eléctrica has signed an agreement with this academic institution in the region of Aragón and that will act as the framework under which the joint initiatives to be carried out over the next two years will be encompassed.

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José Ignacio Lallana, Red Eléctrica’s Delegate in Aragón, signed a collaboration agreement with Pilar Zaragoza, Vice Rector for Technological Innovation and Transfer at the University of Zaragoza, aimed at establishing the lines of cooperation between the Company and said academic institution. This agreement will be the framework that shall govern any joint activity that over the next two years is carried out and which mainly encompass the following: student visits not only to Red Eléctrica facilities in this Autonomous Community but also to the Electricity Control Centre in Madrid, collaboration of Company personnel in the teaching programme of the University of Zaragoza - especially in post-graduate masters in the field of electricity – and in initiatives undertaken in the area of ​​research and innovation.

Red Eléctrica has been working with the University of Zaragoza for years with regular visits of students from the School of Engineering and Architecture (EINA) to Company facilities, allowing them to become familiar with the operation of the Spanish electricity system and its infrastructure, as well as the operation and maintenance activities carried out. Red Eléctrica personnel are also frequently present in the university’s classrooms sharing and providing their knowledge and experience in those university courses related to the electricity system.

social development, dissemination of knowledge regarding electricity system operation, respect for the environment or the promotion of progress, culture and social well-being.