Collaboration in the second edition of the educational sessions in La Rioja

The sessions titled “Education toward a sustainable energy model” contribute to students being future efficient and sustainable consumers.

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In Logroño, the Red Eléctrica de España delegate in La Rioja, José Ignacio Lallana, and the Minister of Education, Training and Employment of the Government of La Rioja, Alberto Galiana, signed the collaboration agreement that will make it possible to hold the second edition of the educational sessions titled “Education toward a sustainable energy model”, which is an initiative aimed at Secondary Education centres in the community.

The objective of the sessions is teach how the electrical system works to students of the autonomous community of La Rioja, in order for them to be responsible consumers respectful of the environment in the future.

In the first session, held April of last year, 115 students from four centres in La Rioja participated. They were selected by the Government of La Rioja after collecting requests from more than 50 combined public centres.

The sessions included educational and participatory presentations carried out by experts from Red Eléctrica about how electricity reaches our homes, the Riojan electricity system and how to be a more efficient consumer.

In addition, the students competed in the entreREDes game, which is an educational tool to support secondary education teachers created by Red Eléctrica, and helps students review the curricular content, testing their abilities in a fun way, as they simultaneously discover how the Spanish electrical system works, and the connection existing between electricity and social progress.

Both this initiative and the creation of the game entreREDes are testaments of Red Eléctrica’s commitment to disseminate knowledge about the electrical system and its overall functioning, with the intention of providing information to society about the development of a sustainable energy model. In this regard, the educational environment constitutes a priority objective for the company.