Collaboration with the 'Gastroartesanía' exhibition in Merida

Red Eléctrica will sponsor an exhibition of handicrafts related to the history of gastronomy that will open in Merida on 1 July, as part of the events of the Iberoamerican Capital of Gastronomic Culture Merida 2016.

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The Mayor of Merida, Antonio Rodríguez, and Red Eléctrica’s Delegate for the Southern Region, Miguel González, this morning signed a collaboration agreement for sponsorship of the 'Gastroartesanía' Exhibition, an exhibition of great cultural interest, as it offers an unprecedented tour of how gastronomy has evolved through the display of handicrafts.

The exhibition will have on display various Roman, Visigoth and modern pieces of art and artefacts that will take the visitor on a journey through the history of Merida. The exhibition will open on 1 July and will remain in the hall ‘Pasos Perdidos’, located in the building of the Parliament of Extremadura, until 31 August. The National Museum of Roman Art, the Visigothic Collection or the local council of the Salvatierra de los Barros, among others, have collaborated by providing their artefacts. In addition, this museum art exhibition will enrich the cultural offerings of the city during the summer.

The collaboration on this project is part of Red Eléctrica's commitment to culture and the promotion of the local economy of the territories in which its facilities are located.