The CARS project receives an award from AEGFA

Red Eléctrica de España´s CARS project has received an award from the Spanish Association of Fleet Managers (AEGFA) in the Efficient Fleet Management category.

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The idea of the ​​CARS project (Safe, Responsible and Agile Driving) was born in Red Eléctrica and is implemented as a management and location system that seeks energy efficiency in the use of the Company’s fleet vehicles, improved safety and to encourage a responsible driving style, as well as an increase in productivity.

With this project, driving time has successfully been reduced, thereby decreasing fuel consumption and consequently the carbon footprint, as excess speeds and idling times are limited and greener routes are chosen. Similarly, business know-how has been increased, as knowledge regarding the most appropriate routes to reach the sites where the Company facilities are located nationwide has been integrated.

Noteworthy are the efforts made to increase driver safety through an automatic alert and vehicle location system in the case of an accident, reducing reaction time, being one step ahead of the European regulation that will require that all new vehicles include an eCall system as of 2018.

In short, the CARS project is a transversal tool that not only has an effect on the fleet, but also on the financial results and the environment.