Capture and fitting of a radio-tracking device on another Golden Eagle in Navarra

The male eagle, captured in the Ribera de Navarra region, has been named "Keiles".

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A new adult male of a breeding pair of Golden Eagles from the Ebro Valley, which has been named "Keiles", was captured and fitted with a radio-tracking device on 14 February. This action was carried out with the collaboration of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment and the Forestry Department of Navarra.

This action is part of the collaboration agreement signed in 2015 between Red Eléctrica de España and the Government of Navarra to undertake a satellite radio-tracking programme of the Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaëtos) in different biogeographical regions of Navarra.

The objective of this programme is to determine the possible risk situations facing the species, as well as establishing selection criteria when deciding where to construct new infrastructure, such as power lines for the evacuation of wind farms, etc.; and to improve the environmental management of the species in Navarra.

The female "Alhama" and the male "Keiles", now fitted with radio-tracking devices, that have quickly formed a breeding pair, will continue to provide information about their hunting areas and the spatial use of the home-range in the Ribera de Navarra region, according to the availability of food, the degree of human intervention and forest cover.

This project is encompassed within Red Eléctrica’s strategic commitment to sustainable development and the protection of biodiversity, and is associated with the implementation of environmental protection measures included in transmission grid infrastructure projects.