The campaign ‘¡Ayúdanos, el Fuego no Perdona!’ concludes in Aragón

Red Eléctrica and the Government of Aragón have presented the prizes for the best photographs regarding good practices in forest fire prevention.

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The campaign ¡Ayúdanos, el Fuego no Perdona! has drawn to a close with the awarding of prizes for the best photographs regarding good practices in forest fire prevention. This initiative was carried out over the last few months by the Government of Aragón with the support of Red Eléctrica de España. This event, in which the Regional Minister for Rural Development and Sustainability, Joaquín Olona, the General Manager for Forestry Management, José Ramón López Pardo and Red Eléctrica’s delegate in Aragón, José Ignacio Lallana took part, has put the finishing touches on a wide range of awareness raising activities which were aimed primarily at three groups: schoolchildren, agricultural and livestock farmers and companies working in rural settings.

Raising awareness of the dangers of fire, the need to take extra precautions in its professional or recreational use, and the safe use of tools and machinery that can cause fires have been the main thread of all the talks and training sessions. Emphasis has been placed not only on the importance of taking action to prevent fires from occurring but also on changing certain behaviours; both being important if we take into account that negligence and accidents in rural areas are considered to be responsible for 50% of the fires occurring in rural areas throughout the year.

This collaboration between the Government of Aragón and Red Eléctrica is an initiative that is aligned with the Company's environmental protection policy. In 2016, 40,000 euros were earmarked for carrying out actions in this autonomous community geared towards providing education and raising awareness on the prevention of forest fires.