The Arucas Agrarian Training School visits the Red Eléctrica Forest in Gran Canaria

The students toured part of Firgas Mountain, where Red Eléctrica has carried out the restoration the native laurisilva forest habitat.

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Students from the Arucas Agrarian Training School witnessed first-hand the evolution of the works carried out in the Red Eléctrica Forest on Firgas Mountain (Gran Canaria), where the company has reforested 16.9 hectares of public land with laurisilva, which will help increase the density of trees, improve their condition, and aid in the fight against desertification and the aridity of the soil.

At the end of last year, Red Eléctrica de España and the Regional Ministry of Environment, Emergencies and Citizen Participation of the Island Council of Gran Canaria began the reforestation of 16.9 hectares of laurisilva on Firgas Mountain, within the protected area of Doramas rural park. This project is part of the collaboration agreement signed by the two entities and is included in a nationwide project of 14 Red Eléctrica forests throughout Spain.

To date, 8,659 specimens of various native species have been planted in this forest, including faya, arbutus canariensis, smooth leaf holly, canary laurel, picconia excelsa, visnea mocanera, canary juniper, and heather, therefore enhancing the conditions for a seamless reintroduction of the laurel pigeon (Columba junoniae).

Laurisilva is a type of subtropical forest that dates from the Tertiary Period, more than 20 million years ago, that was extended by the Mediterranean basin and that is preserved in the Macaronesia, among other places.