Agreement with the Council of the city of Palma to renovate a space dedicated to culture

Agreement for the renovation of one of the exhibition halls of the Casal de Solleric, an emblematic building in Palma converted into an exhibition centre.

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Eduardo Maynau, delegate of Red Eléctrica de España in the Balearic Islands, and José Hila, Mayor of the city of Palma, have signed an agreement to renovate the Aljub exhibition hall of the Casal de Solleric which has been closed for a year due to accessibility and security issues.

Managed by the Palma Espai d'Art public cultural foundation, the Casal de Solleric, which has been awarded maximum protection as a heritage site, is a Rococo style palace built in the second half of the eighteenth century acquired by Palma City Council in 1975 and that two years later was converted into an exhibition centre.

The agreement, which is part of the framework agreement the two entities signed in April 2014, sets out the conditions under which such collaboration will be undertaken: Red Eléctrica will provide 7,000 euros and the City Council will define and carry out the project, which is scheduled to be completed for next September.

This is just another example of Red Eléctrica’s policy regarding social action policy, which aims to strengthen ties between the Company and society by creating value, while promoting, as in the case of the current agreement, projects that have a positive impact on the territory and its inhabitants.