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Red Eléctrica and the natural heritage of the Columbretes Islands

The company is funding signs explaining and providing information on the heritage of the islands, a wildlife reserve for 30 years.

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The Mezquita substation receives a visit from 100 Teruel students

Located in the municipality of Mezquita de Jarque, it is the central hub of the electricity transmission grid in this province, where the company plans to invest EUR 11 million in 2018

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Persons are key player of the transformation in Red Eléctrica

Red Eléctrica is transforming its work methodology and its culture with the help of its professionals, true pacesetters

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We are collaborating to consolidate the reintroduction of the Bonelli’s eagle in Mallorca

Since 2011, Red Eléctrica has been taking part in the reintroduction of this species on the island. There are currently 27 specimens, eight of which were born this year.