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The Arucas Agrarian Training School visits the Red Eléctrica Forest in Gran Canaria

The students toured part of Firgas Mountain, where Red Eléctrica has carried out the restoration the native laurisilva forest habitat.

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We participate in the 13th Biodiversity Week in Dénia

At the event, the company unveiled the Red Eléctrica Marine Forest project, currently underway in the Bay of Pollensa (Balearic Islands)

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Engineers from the Universidad de Navarra visit the Muruarte substation

Fifty master’s candidates in Industrial Engineering visited this 400/220 kilovolt (kV) substation.

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Sustainability Commitment of the Red Eléctrica Group

Sustainability is part of the Group's strategy because it ensures the long-term continuity and success of the business. Either we are sustainable or we will cease to be a company; as only sustainable companies have a future.

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Red Eléctrica supports the conservation of the natural environment in Extremadura

The company has signed a collaboration protocol with the regional government of Extremadura (Junta) to develop conservation projects in the vicinity of its facilities.

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Red Eléctrica sponsors a chair at the University of Seville

The Chair of Energy Economy and the Environment will foster research and development in technology related to intelligent self-generation of energy and electricity consumption.

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Red Eléctrica illuminates the basilica of Nuestra Señora del Pino, patron saint of Gran Canaria

Red Eléctrica and the Teror Town Hall sign an agreement to showcase one of the municipality’s main heritage and tourist sites.

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Red Eléctrica and the Generalitat Valenciana join forces to preserve biodiversity

The company and the Generalitat collaborate on projects to protect the Bonelli’s Eagle and reintroduce the Bearded Vulture.

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Electricity interconnection across the Bay of Biscay. The public consultation process has been completed

Having held 14 informative sessions in the Basque Country, Red Eléctrica has concluded the public consultation phase prior to the permitting process, as established by the European Union for Projects of Common Interest.