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Submarine electricity grids and the protection of posidonia

Red Eléctrica de España and RGI are organising a technical workshop in Palma to share scientific knowledge regarding the protection of marine ecosystems.

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Red Eléctrica supports the creation of an IT classroom in Santa Engracia del Jubera

The Red Eléctrica manager and Santa Engracia mayor after signing the agreement.

The company will contribute more than 4,000 euros to acquire furniture and will also donate computers.

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Red Eléctrica participates in the Aragon Energy Cluster

Founding members of the Aragon Energy Cluster.

José Ignacio Lallana, Manager in Aragon and La Rioja, represents the company at the incorporation ceremony.

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Red Eléctrica signs an agreement with Fundación CEI·MAR

For five years, both institutions will work together on marine environment research projects. 

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Red Eléctrica participates in the MONACHUS Project for the reintroduction of the black vulture

On International Vulture Awareness Day, the MONACHUS Project starts with an event in Huerta de Arriba (Burgos), where vultures will be tagged with GPS transmitters.