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Security of supply in the Barcelona area strengthened

Work has been completed on the new 220 kV Collblanc-Trinitat line that links the far north and south of the city. This is the most important electricity line built in Barcelona in the last seven years.


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Red Eléctrica, Global Partner of the #PorElClima Community

The objetive of this initiative is to move from commitment to action in the fight against climate change. 

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Helicopter used to replace towers of the Ciudadela-Mercadal line (Menorca)

Red Eléctrica has replaced the electricity towers of the 132 kilovolt Ciudadela-Mercadal line, 17 of them with the help of a helicopter.

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CSR projects in municipalities of Castellón, linked to the Mezquita-Morella electricity line

The municipalities of Todolella, Zorita del Maestrazgo and Forcall now have new facilities and equipment for social activities thanks to the collaboration agreement signed with Red Eléctrica de España.Los municipios de Todolella, Zorita del Maestr

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The exhibition ‘A highway behind the wall socket’ is inaugurated in Palma de Majorca

The exhibition, produced by Red Eléctrica, aims to teach society more about how the Spanish electricity system works and raise awareness among citizens on the efficient use of energy.

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What is the Red Eléctrica Index?

Since February 2013, Red Eléctrica has published statistical information regarding the demand for electricity from consumers with a contracted power capacity over 450 kilowatts (kW).

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The "Young people for young people" project in Gran Canaria is launched

This project, sponsored by Red Eléctrica and sponsored by the Helsinki España University Network, will train young university students under the age of 30 in human rights matters and facilitate the transfer of these values ​​to schoolchildren.

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Collaboration to maintain trails in the surroundings of the Ordesa Park

Red Eléctrica has signed an agreement with the Local Council of Torla, Huesca, to renovate trails in this municipality, whose location makes it the natural entrance to the Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park.

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Eva Pagán highlights Red Eléctrica’s commitment to the prevention of forest fires

The General Manager of Transmission Division for Red Eléctrica closes the informative sessions on forest fire prevention, organised by the Community of Castilla-La Mancha.

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The ‘entreREDes’ game, at the Murcia Science Week

During this science fair, about 300 secondary school students from various educational centres in Murcia were able to try out the entreREDes game

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Another male golden eagle captured and fitted with a radio-tracking device in Navarra

The male eagle captured has been given the name of ‘Hegoi’, ‘wind of the south’ in Euskera.