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Over thirty classic and vintage boats competed against each other in the ‘Illas Atlánticas’ Regatta

Red Eléctrica sponsors this initiative for the cultural, touristic and local development of the Galician coast, in which former King Juan Carlos I took part.

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Find out more about electricity transmission lines with PELI

The Company’s website has an application available to users so that, if they wish, they may request information regarding the electricity lines of the power transmission grid.

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Red Eléctrica publishes data regarding the progress of the installation of smart meters

The system operator’s website, eSios, provides information, by autonomous community, on the smart meters already installed.

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The ‘Red Eléctrica de España’ wins the 35th edition of the Copa del Rey de Vela

The Red Eléctrica de España has again this year taken the victory, as it did in last year’s competition, with a convincing win.

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Red Eléctrica presents the ‘Enlace’ Trophies to the leaders of the 35th edition of the ‘Copa del Rey de Vela’

Through of these trophies, Red Eléctrica distinguishes the crews of the yachts which are leading their class in the race standings at the midpoint of the competition, among which is the crew of the yacht sponsored by the Company in the X-35 class.

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The Soria-Chira project receives the declaration of strategic interest

The Council of the Government of the Canary Islands has approved the declaration of strategic interest for the Soria-Chira hydroelectric reversible power station project, which will speed up the administrative permitting process due to its social

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Collaboration with the Regional Government of Aragón to protect birdlife

The monitoring committee of the agreement signed by both entities in 2013 agreed to improve the Bearded Vulture chick-rearing centre and update the results of the Mapping of bird flight paths project.