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Third edition of the Starmus Festival

Red Eléctrica de España collaborates with the University of La Laguna for yet another year in the sponsorship of this festival, which brings together eleven Nobel Prize laureates.

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Red Eléctrica's effort to become an excellent company, receives an award

The Club Excelencia en Gestión celebrates their twenty-fifth anniversary and acknowledges the management, the strive for improvement, the competitiveness, the enhancement and excellence of the main Spanish organisations during these years.

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Opportunities for growth

Roberto Garcia Merino, Corporate Director of Business Diversification, analyses the expansion of the business base as one of the essential strategies of Red Eléctrica. 

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Red Eléctrica ranked number 35 of the 100 companies with the best corporate reputation in Spain

The Company goes up 20 positions in the ‘Merco Empresas y Líderes 2016’ ranking with regard to the previous year’s results.

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The Official Association of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia analyses the electricity interconnection with France

Red Eléctrica presents in a conference in Barcelona the results of the first eight months of operation of the interconnection.

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Participation in the ‘Reindustrialisation of Euskadi’ conference held in Bilbao

The Manager of the Regulation Area of Red Eléctrica, Luis Villafruela, highlights the strategic role of electricity interconnections in regard to competitiveness, security of supply and sustainability of the energy model.

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Red Eléctrica revamps the website of the EIC Local Issuing Office

EIC codes (Energy Identification Code) are necessary for the identification of the agents involved in the different energy markets for electricity and gas.

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Red Eléctrica’s 10th Collective Bargaining Agreement. Sustainability

The negotiation of the 10th Collective Bargaining Agreement is based on three essential cornerstones: sustainability, flexibility and efficiency. These three pillars, fully integrated together, have marked the negotiation and therefore the ag

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Collaboration with the Ekokultura Fair, Güeñes (Vizcaya)

Red Eléctrica has sponsored this fair since 2014, with the aim of raising awareness regarding the environment and sustainable development.

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Collaboration with the 'Gastroartesanía' exhibition in Merida

Red Eléctrica will sponsor an exhibition of handicrafts related to the history of gastronomy that will open in Merida on 1 July, as part of the events of the Iberoamerican Capital of Gastronomic Culture Merida 2016.

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EntreREDes. Studing by playing games

EntreREDes is the digital game created by Red Eléctrica for students in second, third and fourth year of Secondary Schooling (ESO) so that they can review course subjects and discover how the Spanish electricity system works.

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The Government of Murcia gives Red Eléctrica an award for its actions in the field of sustainable development

Red Eléctrica has been one of the 21 companies and institutions in the Region of Murcia who received this Monday the Sustainable Development award granted by the Regional Ministry of Water, Agriculture and Environment of Murcia.