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The ‘Il·lumina't’ exhibition opens its doors to the public of Majorca

The exhibition is a tour through the different ways in which the phenomenon of lighting and light manifests itself.

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Wind power energy reached a new all-time high for demand coverage on the Peninsula

At 4:50 am on 21 November, wind power energy covered 70.4% of the peninsular electricity demand.

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Toledo hosts the Informative Seminars on Safety in Forest Fire Fighting Operations

Eva Pagan underlines Red Eléctrica’s sensible approach to forest fire prevention and safety

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Red Eléctrica’s 10th Collective Bargaining Agreement. Efficiency

The negotiation of the 10th Collective Bargaining Agreement was based on three essential pillars, sustainability, flexibility and efficiency, which marked the negotiation and therefore the agreement reached.

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The workshop 'Discover the light' in Castilla-La Mancha

This initiative, encompassed within the International Year of Light, is carried out simultaneously in Toledo, Cuenca, Albacete, Guadalajara and Ciudad Real until 13 November.

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The electricity interconnection ratio

The value indicating the weight of the international interconnections of a country with respect to its installed power generation capacity is called the electricity interconnection ratio.

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Red Eléctrica collaborates with the University of Las Palmas on R&D&I projects

Both institutions collaborate on R&D&I projects for the control of the stability and maintenance of the transmission grid in the Canary Islands; projects that have a financial allocation of more than 245,000 euros.

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Red Eléctrica, recognised by CDP for the transparency of its information on climate change

Information published by Red Eléctrica regarding its emissions and energy use is within the framework of CDP’s climate change programme.  

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Red Eléctrica schedules informative workshops on efficient lighting in five municipalities of Castilla y León

This initiative, encompassed within the International Year of Light, began today in Herrera de Pisuerga and will also be held in the cities of Burgos, Ponferrada, Tordesillas and Ávila.

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Red Eléctrica maintains its leadership as a Company that provides employment

Red Eléctrica has been ranked 21st out of a total of 100 companies that were selected to be included in the Corporate Reputation Monitor, Merco Talento.

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The CARS project receives an award from AEGFA

Red Eléctrica de España´s CARS project has received an award from the Spanish Association of Fleet Managers (AEGFA) in the Efficient Fleet Management category.

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57 young graduates take part in the ‘Practica+’ programme 2015-2016

The objective of this programme is to promote the practical training of students who have graduated in different specialties.