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Red Eléctrica takes part in the meeting chaired by Ban Ki-moon in Madrid

The UN Secretary-General meets with Spanish businessmen to inspire them to action in order to lead compliance with the United Nations Development Agenda.

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The Regional Minister for Economy, Enterprise and Employment of Castilla-La Mancha visits Red Eléctrica

The current situation of the electricity system in the region and the development of the electricity transmission grid, as set out in the new 2015-2020 Planning, were presented to the Regional Minister at a meeting held this morning.

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Amicable agreement for the installation of facilities

Through ongoing dialogue, Red Eléctrica strives to obtain the greatest level of collaboration from the landowners affected by the execution of transmission grid development projects.

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Education for the responsible use of electricity

Red Eléctrica de España and Radio ECCA (The Cultural Radio Station of the Canary Islands) collaborate on the dissemination of the responsible use of electricity.

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Red Eléctrica takes part in the 7th edition of the Companies Solidarity Day

Company volunteers helped in the horticulture work of the organic vegetable garden of the Fundación Juan XXIII as part of the seventh edition of the Companies Solidarity Day.

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Mr. Soria chairs a meeting on renewables in the Canary Islands

The Minister for Industry has held a meeting at Red Eléctrica’s head office in the Canary Islands with representatives of the renewable industry in the archipelago.

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National electricity demand in Spain grows 2.5% in the first nine months of the year

Between January and September, renewable energy has covered 38.6% of the net production on the Spanish peninsula and 58.6% was obtained using technologies which produce zero CO2 emissions.

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Hopes and challenges for a new era

Juan Lasala, Chief Executive Officer of Red Eléctrica.

Juan Lasala, Chief Executive Officer of Red Eléctrica, analyses some of the challenges faced by the Company in the coming years.

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Red Eléctrica committed to the conservation of posidonia seagrass meadows in the Balearic Islands

The Company undertakes a research project aimed at accelerating the natural colonisation of this species, a plant endemic to the Mediterranean Sea.

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Red Eléctrica sponsors a conference on ‘Light’ in Galicia

From left to right, the Dean of the Physics Faculty, Luis Miguel Varela; the Rector of the University, Juan Viaño, and the Regional Delegate for Red Eléctrica in Galicia, Carlos González Patiño.

The Company has sponsored this activity as part of the International Year of Light.

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Electricity exchange capacity

The commercial exchange capacity is the maximum power available for import and export after the electricity systems’ safety requirements have been met.

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Red Eléctrica commemorates its 30th Anniversary in Andalusia

The Company commemorates its 30th anniversary in Seville.

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Permitting authorisations for facilities of the electricity transmission grid

The commencement of activities associated to commissioning new electricity transmission facilities requires the processing of various permitting authorisations.