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Workshops for the definition of the Innovation and Technological Development Plan 2016-2019

The R&D+i Department of Red Eléctrica de España shares information and knowledge with experts of the sector to define the future scenario of the proposed technological lines to be undertaken by the Company, as well as the objectives of the new

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Gross demand and corrected demand

One of the indicators used to analyse the evolution of the country’s economic activity is the electricity demand, as the higher the electricity consumption, the greater the activity in the country.

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Regata Illas Atlánticas Red Electrica de España for Classic and Vintage Boats

For the third consecutive year Red Eléctrica de España sponsors the Regata Illas Atlánticas for Classic and Vintage Boats

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Juan Lasala, new Chief Executive Officer of the Red Eléctrica Group

The Board of Directors of Red Eléctrica, in its meeting today, 28 July, has agreed to the appointment of Mr. Juan Lasala as Chief Executive Officer of the Red Eléctrica Group, after having been appointed Executive Director at the Extraordinar

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Environmental Impact Statement: the authorisation that looks out for the environment

The majority of the construction projects of facilities for the electricity transmission grid require, among other authorisations, an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

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All-time summer records for daily energy in the Balearic Islands

All-time summer records for daily energy were reached in the electricity systems of Ibiza-Formentera and the Balearic Islands during the month of July.

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Red Eléctrica’s blog is born

The Chairman of Red Eléctrica, José Folgado, brings into context the birth of the Company’s blog in year that has great relevance for Red Eléctrica.

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Strategic Plan 2014-2019

On 24 February, after a thorough process of reflection, the Board of Directors approved the 2014-2019 Strategic Plan that sets the strategic lines that will pave the way for the Company’s strategy in the coming years.

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Collaborates with the Energy Foundation of the Community of Madrid on energy efficiency

Both entities have signed a collaboration agreement for energy efficiency in a state school in Vallecas (Madrid).

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Clean energy: electricity generation that is respectful with the environment

Electricity generation technologies that do not emit CO2 into the atmosphere are considered clean energies.

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Environmental education in the region of Sanabria (Zamora)

The environmental educational programme ‘I plant my land’ was launched in order to raise awareness among students about the importance of the conservation of trees and natural areas. 

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The voltage

The voltage or potential difference between two points of an electric field is the energy that is dissipated when moving a unit of electric charge between those points. Its unit of measurement is the volt (V). 

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Commitment to adult education

Red Eléctrica and Radio ECCA sign a collaboration agreement for the promotion of educational and socio-cultural activities

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‘A highway behind the wall socket’, in Tarrasa

As of May, Red Eléctrica’s traveling exhibition can be found at the Museo de la Ciencia y de la Técnica de Cataluña.

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Birds and Power Lines: mapping of bird flight paths

The project ‘Birds and Power Lines: mapping of bird flight paths’ received recognition from the European Commission with the European Environment Award 2014 in the ‘Business and Biodiversity’ category.

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Chairman's Welcome

The Chairman of Red Eléctrica de España, José Folgado, presents Entrelíneas, the new Company blog.